Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Tennessee Thursday

Hey friends,

It rained not long but hard here in Nashville today. A slow day it was but not a lazy one. My daughter, Misha, has her mom and me on a crash course, teaching us as much as she can about the technological tools we'll need in the season ahead of us. We face an "empty nest" as our one and only child goes off to college. (Waah!)

One of the things she is teaching me is how to blog! So, here I am---blogging!! I don't have much to say right now, because we're goin' out tonight with some good friends in order to allow them to give Misha an official "goodbye and G-d bless!"

We'll be "kibbutzing," that is chatting, in days ahead.

The crickets are makin' their music now and a warm, balmy Tennessee evening approaches. So, until the next time, I'll just say,

Shalom y'all,


  1. A brilliant and well-punctuated inaugural post! I am looking forward to reading more.

  2. I'm so excited to see you stretching your technological wings!

    This is a season of change, but it can be a marvelous time as well. You and Jenny can focus on each other and experience the blessings that can only come in a time such as this.

  3. Wow, first Joel Chernoff started blogging, and now Marty Goetz. This rocks. Messianic domination of the blogging scene. :-) As a guy whose run a Messianic blog for about 5 years, it's nice to have some good company.

    Marty, if I may, let me point you a prominent tech blogger's advice on running a successful blog. There are some good tips to get you started.

    Hope the blog works out for you, Marty. I'll be keeping an eye on it.

  4. Marty, Good first blog. Keep it up. Over time, you'll evolve in how you look at and use it. Certainly is nice to know that if you need a soap box, all you have to do is blog. Then everyone(the key) is just a link away from experiencing your views.


  5. I'm happy that you are here. Can't wait until you come out to Hemet. Have a good Shabbat Shalom

  6. Enjoyed this post, and always enjoy your music! I saw you in person in FL, which was great.

  7. I've followed you for many years & you are my favorite gospel singer! Congratulations on stepping out into the "blog-is-sphere". Wish I had a "Misha" to help me set one up. I remember her when she was just a small child.....she is beautiful....& I pray for her as she goes off to college. Sure wish you would get to South Florida more often!!! Blessings to you, Jenny & Misha.

  8. Thanks Marty. It doesn't sound much, but for many years I have worshipped Yeshua through your music, and I am so very grateful to you for allowing the Lord to use you, I know you give HIM the glory, but its nice to show the worker! your appreciation.
    I look forward to joining you in the 21st century and hope to learn about facebook and twitter (the mind boggles I just got to know computers) through your journey, so ever onward and upward.

    May HE bless you and your family greatly


    P.S. It would be such a great blessing if you could come to England.

  9. Thank you, Misha for helping your abba get started. Having danced with you and your mom years ago at Beth Shalom (Rabbi Rene Bloch) while your dad took pictures, I have felt the graciousness of Yeshua in your family relationship. This blogging is keeping that sense of family. Wish you all could have come to Montana together. May you all experience Yeshua as your Wisdom in your new ventures.


  10. Yves L.

    Marty, Shalom !

    Thank you so much. I will never forget my birthday in 1991 when this pianist started singing … Shama Yisrael Adonai…… it sent goose bumps all over me.

    I was returning from Israel and now helping at TV station in CA. I called your wife and asked if I could play your songs, and I received the YES. I was so happy and keep playing it on every opportunity.

    That same year, I met my wife… Wehave been blessed with 4 children. My oldest beautiful daughter is 15 now, and we returned to Switzerland 3 years ago.

    Blessings to your family, we keep lessening to you and you have blessed us so much
    in Yeshua.

    (Karen, Shalom and blessings on you. We attended Beth Shalom as well. Remember us?)